Reviews and comments are now made through the website.

However, some comments received in writing at Dr French are quoted below:

From Jean – June 2021

Thank you all so very much for all your caring, understanding, kindness and patience for looking after my Mother.  She was a resident for 8 years so it showed just how much she was looked after and all the kindness you showed me.

Thank you all so very much.


From Ruth & Francis – June 2021

We would like to extend our massive gratitude for the care, respect and love you have all shown my Nan over the last 6 years.

You have all made such a difference to the last years of her life and truly became a second family to us once my mum passed away and we will forever be grateful for this.

Our truest best wishes and love.


From Barbara – 2021

Thank you for looking after ……  so well all these years, particularly giving all the family comfort knowing she was in good hands and happy!


From Patricia J – May 2020

On behalf of her family I want to express our thanks for everything that was done for her during her time at the Home.

When Maisie first came to Dr French’s on 1 December 2006, she formed an immediate bond with the then manager, Florence, through their shared Irish heritage.

In the years before she developed Dementia she made friendly relationships with all the carers who were daily looking after her, namely Gwen, Elizabeth, Paula, Sheda, Gaye and Jackie.

Maisie has always been interested in her food and she loved all the varied meals provided by Emily.

Thank you so much to all the wonderful carers for your patience in looking after Maisie over 13 ½ years.


From Dr Ian, Sister Marie, Gabriel and Tania – 2019

Thank you for all you have done for Teresa and for you kindness and making her comfortable right to the end.

From Norman, Vanessa, Stacey and Paula – July 2018

We would like to thank you all for the wonderful care that you gave to Mum in the three years that she spent with you.

During that time, you were always so kind to her, offering companionship, friendship, empathy and security.

For our part, we never ever had to worry about leaving her with you as we always knew that she was safe and well looked after.  For us, having that peace of mind was priceless.

Over the past few years we got to know the team and were on first name terms with everyone.  Having that kind of relationship with you all made what has been a very difficult time for us as a family so much easier to deal with.

But it was towards the end of Mum’s life that your support was most valuable as it was clear that Mum’s needs and what was best for her was at the forefront of the guidance that you gave to us.

We also appreciate seeing you at her funeral.  That meant a lot.

We will always be grateful to you all.  Thank you.

Relative of Kathleen

To all the staff at Dr French who took care of my Mother with kindness, patience and professionalism.

I would also like to thank Eve and staff who looked after her finances and everything in the office.

I would like to thank the staff members who came to the funeral.  And I would also like to thank you all for looking after me while I was making the visits to Dr French.  Bless you all.

And ……

From Shoumiya

Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity to volunteer at Dr French memorial Home.

From Diana – (relative of Peggy) –  January 2018

 We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for the care you took of our relative, the late “Peggy”.

It was immensely reassuring to us as a family to know that in her final years she was not only warm and comfortable but especially that there were kind people looking after her needs.

 …….. so we thank you for your patience in looking after her.

Peggy was something of a “loner” in life and the knowledge that she was not alone in her later years and especially at the end is a great comfort to us.

Thank you too for the warm welcome you gave us when we visited and for all the “tea and biscuits”

From Lesley – 2017

Dear Marilyn

I am writing to thank all the staff at the Dr French Memorial Home for their care and compassion towards Richard during the two years he was with you. 

…. Although you did not know him when he was well and fit, I hope that some of the stories you heard at the funeral gave you an idea of the lively, funny, capable man that he was.  I was lucky to spend 44 years with him and he was my rock when things were tough.

Please God a way can be fund to prevent dementia for future generations.  As a result of setting up a Just Giving page for donations to the Alzheimer’s Association, his friends and family raised £1,250 to help fund the research.

  … in recognition  to all the staff for the good job they do under very challenging circumstances.

 Thank you all so much.

From Julie – April 2017

 To all members of staff at Dr French Care Home

I would like to thank you once again for your kind welcome shown to me when I visited my friend Sheila on Saturday.

 Thank you also for caring for Sheila.  It was very touching to see how she responded to the care shown by the team.

From Georgia, Maia, Miranda & Shireen

Thank you for the wonderful experience we had working with you all.  We have enjoyed ourselves and will miss everyone!  We hope you have a wonderful Easter.

From Jane, Martin, Liam & Jacob – January 2017

Words just don’t seem adequate to begin to thank you for the great kindness you all showed to Kathleen during her time with you at Dr French.  You always recognised her needs as an individual, as you do with all the residents in your care.

Her care was always administered with compassion, affection, empathy and respect.  It was given with a ready smile even when she proved a challenge!!

We could not have asked for more during the final years of her life and we will be forever grateful for the tremendous efforts to ensure she had a comfortable, peaceful and dignified passing when the end came.

Your support for us all, as a family, will be forever appreciated.

Please keep up your wonderful work with all your residents, we were so lucky to have you.  We will miss you all ….

From Victor G, October 2016

Jane and I thank everyone at the Home for looking after Sylvia so well and making her feel at home. It must have been difficult to hear constantly ask where I was and repeating her old phone number over and over again, You were all very patient with Sylvia and I was most impressed by how you handled her, especially the transfer from home to Home. You always kept her looking clean and tidy and a special mention of how nice her hair always looked. We feel very lucky to be able to place Sylvia with you – all thanks to Agnes T….’s recommendation.

Once again, many thanks and best wishes.

From Lesley K – June 2016

My husband has been in the Dr French care home for 10 months. The atmosphere is calm and friendly. Staff are friendly and supportive although stretched at some times. Surroundings are clean and homely and the lovely garden is a bonus. It does not smell! My concerns are taken seriously and my husband is treated with respect. Activities do take place for those able to participate but more one to one stimulation would be welcome. Good food is a strong point. I am pleased to have found this care home.

May 2016

What an incredible place this is. My mother has been a resident there for 3 1/2 years. She was incredibly happy and felt safe and cared for. All these staff are wonderfully supportive, sensitive, caring and have been attentive to all these changes over the last few years. Their kindness and sense of humour are paramount. The residents always have activities on hand and someone to talk to whenever they need. The home has a real “homely” feel and there has been huge thought into making it so. The food is delicious and varied and the house is always clean and tidy. The gentle care that my mother received, particularly at the end of her life was wonderful. We are incredibly lucky to have found such amazing care home for her. Thanks to all the staff.

From Anne

One of the most comforting aspects of Dr. French for our family was always seeing the same staff at the home. Many have worked there for a great number of years and always welcomed us with warmth. While my mother lived there for the last eight years of her life, she was treated with kindness, dignity and professionalism. Not being close by was always a concern, but Dr. French Home provided peace of mind. The small intimate facility is clean and the food good quality. They provide activities, music, poetry and have special guests to entertain the residents and trips out for those who are able. We will miss their smiling faces but know that Mum’s sunset years were in a homely and caring environment where she always appeared to be happy.

From Len, respite care resident, July 2015

Many thanks for my stay at Doctor French to all the staff.

From Olivia, relative of Kay (Kathleen), July 2015

A note of thanks for all the kindness and care Kay received at your Care Home.  I am deeply grateful to you, and all the care staff, for the quality of care Kay received throughout the time she was with you.  I am particularly appreciative of the gentle care she received during her last few weeks on life’s journey.  I am aware that all members of Kay’s family were deeply appreciative of all the efforts made by the Care Staff, to keep Kay as comfortable as possible until she passed away.

Thank you too, Florence, for always having time to say a kind words to Kay when on your rounds with Holly!

Thank you for always making me feel welcome on my many visits to Kay and for always having time to have a few words about how she was.

I shall always have many happy memories of each carer who really CARED for Kay – thank you to each devoted carer.

It was really lovely to see the Care Staff represented at Kay’s funeral – her relatives from Ireland were impressed by this thoughtful gesture.  She had a lovely and well deserved ‘send off’ with music and prayer.

From Kathleen’s family, January 2015

A big “thank you” on behalf of the family for helping us to celebrate Kathleen’s 80th birthday so wonderfully!  The food was fabulous (big compliments to the chef!) and you had set up the room so beautifully for us.  Thank you also for your wonderful care, support and unending patience with Kathleen.

From Mary, Pat, Erin, Isabelle & Olivia, September 2014

Many thanks for your wonderful care and kindness to Mum (Catherine).  Also thank you for always making us feel so welcome plus a special thank you from Isabelle.

From Joshua, Harry, Monica, Mick, Sue, Mary, Pat, Tim, Stella & Cathey, September 2014

Thank you so much for looking after Mum (Catherine) so well and for being there for us too!  It has eased the burden of a loved one reaching the end of life.

From Carmel, Rosie, Kevin & Catriona, September 2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful love and care you gave to our Mother (Mary) for the last 3.5 years of her life.  We shall always remember the kindness you showed to our family and lots of trays of tea and biscuits!  Thank you.

From Jill & Marianne, March 2014

I would just like to thank you for all the help, support, care and kindness that you gave my aunt Florence. Also the support to her family.  The supply of coffee and tea was greatly appreciated, especially Friday as I had a fair way to travel. It’s such a shame that you hear of all the bad homes but never the good ones, and I must say the Dr French is fantastic!!  Thank you so much.

From son Roger & Janet, January 2014

Just to say a big “thank you” for the kindness and care given to Mum (Eva) whilst she was in Dr French Memorial Home.  It’s such a shame you never hear about the “good homes”, only the bad ones ever make it to the press.  Well how lucky were we to have had her in a good one.  With many thanks to you all.

From Margaret (Eileen’s sister), October 2012

I would like to thank you all for making Eileen’s stay with you a happy one. I know at times Eileen could be difficult but that was not the real Eileen – she was a kind and happy person.  Thank you for the flowers and a big thank you to those who came to the funeral.  She will be missed so much, once again a big thank you for all your care.

From Sue, Yvonne & Marie, May 2012

We would just like to say a big thank you! to all at Dr French Memorial Home for the way you have looked after and cared for Dad (Albert).  When the time came for dad to go into a care home, we were a little apprehensive as you hear so much bad press, yet coming to Dr French we knew Dad would be cared for with compassion and dignity…and he was.  The staff made Dad’s time with you a ‘happy’ one and staff were genuinely sad when Dad passed away.  So from the bottom of our hearts thank you.

From Dennis & Brenda, March 2012

A big thank you for great care and kindness you gave to Violet.

From Pauline, January 2012

Thank you to all of you for the care and attention you gave to my husband Cyril.  It is never an easy decision to make to have a loved one put into care.  I felt confident however, that Dr French would be the best place for him.  Best wishes to all and carry on caring.

From Christine & Denise, January 2012

To each and every one of you working at the Dr French, my daughter Denise and I would like to offer our heartfelt thanks for all your kindness, warmth and commitment in the way you cared for my Mum, Louise, over the last three years. Mum was a very strong willed person and despite her sometimes trying ways and behaviour , when the carers’ patience must have been tried to the limit, every situation was handled with the utmost care, compassion and kindness, for which we are grateful.

It was always a pleasure to visit Mum at the Dr French as the staff were always so friendly and welcoming, with always tea and biscuits on offer, a friendly chat and support whenever needed.  We truly felt that Mum was looked after so well in a wam and friendly environment with people who really care.  Every effort is made by everyone to make the residents and their visitors feel really “at home” in comfortable surroundings, with special attention given to each resident to ensure that all their personal needs are always catered for.

We have nothing but admiration for all the staff and volunteers at the Dr French – you are all very special people.  Thank you.

From Josie, Mags, Kevin, Sarah & Eoghan, November 2011

We have very much appreciated the kindness and support you have shown to us while visiting Tess.  Our sincerest thanks again.

From Eileen, October 2011

Thank you all for your care & attention & food.  I am slowly settling at home.

With best wishes to you all.

From Elaine & Jenny, October 2011

Your kindness, care & dedication must have made an enormous difference to the last few years of our Auntie’s life – thank you again and bless you all.

From Josie & Albert, May 2011

I would like to Thank You, and your staff for looking after my husband at so short notice.

He says he enjoyed his stay and would like to say how happy he was there. The food he said was the best.

Thank you.

From Michael, April 2011

I am writing to express my heart-felt gratitude to you and all your wonderful staff at the Dr French Memorial Home.

At the most difficult time of her life you all gave my Mum the most wonderful care, full of sympathy, patience, and understanding – sometimes beyond the call of duty, I felt.  Every member of your staff was personally outstanding and I cannot thank you all enough.

From Karen, February 2011

Thank you ALL for everything you did to make my mother Winnie’s stay so comfortable.  She was always very happy there and especially at the end hen she was unwell, you provided care well above the standard. I can’t thank you enough for looking after my Mum so patiently and kindly.

From Donna, December 2010

I write on behalf of myself and my family to express out thanks and gratitude for the excellent way our Mum, Kay, was cared for in her final year whilst residing at the Dr French in the latter stages of dementia.  I cannot praise highly enough the work done by Florence and her A1 team ranging from the front line carers, the catering and maintenance staff right through to the aptly named manager herself and her able-bodied assistants.  Even the volunteers deserve a mention!

Mum always looked clean and well cared for whenever we turned up to visit.  More importantly, Mum appeared settled and never seemed agitated even though this was a symptom of her illness.  The hospitality shown to residents and visitors that we witnessed at Dr French is second to none and the sheer devotion to duty, often in difficult circumstances, is clear for all to see.

We would particularly like to mention the personal care afforded Mum during her final days confined to bed, and after.  The dignity and compassion displayed by all was indeed humbling.  We never once got a sense that Mum was a burden or too much trouble, in fact quite the opposite was true.

We highly commend the work of Florence and her staff and feel it only right to bring to your attention what we believe to be excellent service provided at this care home.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Dr French to others.

Our heart felt thanks and gratitude to all.

From Polly, November 2010

Thank you very, very much for looking after Joan – and me! – so well over the last two weeks.

From Elaine & George, November 2010

We would like to say how grateful we are to the staff at Dr French who looked after Mum.

It was an absolute pleasure to visit Mum while she was there and to be greeted by such friendly staff.  She was a very much loved lady and played a huge part in our lives. We will miss her so much.

We gain comfort from knowing that she was very happy in your care.  Thanks for all that you did.

From Roger, Judy & family, September 2010

We would like to express out thanks for all you did for Mum, particularly during her last two weeks.

The care Mum received from you and all your staff during her stay of nearly two and a half years, was excellent.  She could not have had better attention.

From Philip & Margaret (Ellen’s son & daughter), June 2010

I just wanted to say how my brother Philip and I have appreciated the care and attention Mum has received at “Dr French” over the years.

We are so glad that when Mum needed you, there was a place for her.

Even when life became confined to the armchair, sight virtually gone and hearing very diminished she was still content.  She continued to enjoy her food, particularly the soup!!, right to the end.

There are so many lovely carers, who really do have sympathy for the elderly.  We say thank you, to you.

To all staff who play their part in the running of the home, I have only been met with friendliness and kindness.  Thank you.

Many thanks and God bless you all.

From Agnes, September 2010

I would like to commend you on the wonderful work your organisation is doing for the community and the lucky individuals under your care.  Your job is done with a heart.

From Christine, September 2010

Although Ron only spent a brief time with you, he was extremely happy living at Dr French….. and in the end he spent his final three weeks in the right place for his needs. …on Ron’s behalf I would like to thank you and your staff for all the kindness and care you gave him.

I too would like to say thank you for all the help and support I received during Ron’s stay, the welcoming cups of tea and the way the door was always “open” if I needed to discuss any matter during my visits…..was extremely reassuring and supportive.

From Christine, August 2010

Although he only spent six weeks with you, Ron was extremely happy there and loved every moment.

We wish to thank you and all your caring and kind staff for everything you did for him.

From Derek, May 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the care you extended to my sister Daphne.  It is most difficult being so far away but was always reassured that she was getting excellent care and was as happy as she was able, under the circumstances.

Thank you for everything.

From Agnes, April 2010

It is sad when one passes on alone, but you at Dr French Memorial Home did all, over and above the call of duty for her (Daphne) in the past years. I was and am amazed to see your compassion, for which I do thank you again.

From Ros, Carolyn, Judy & family, September 2009

We want to thank you all so much for all the care, kindness and compassion you gave our Dad Ron, while he lived with you.

Dad said numerous times that he was very happy there, which gave us, his family, great peace of mind knowing this.

From Irene, January 2009

I would like to thank you and your staff for all the care and dignity you gave to my mother in her last months.

I know that dementia made my mother very difficult to look after, but your staff helped to make her feel safe and secure.

My family really appreciate all of your help.

From Keith, January 2008

Thank you to all the wonderful staff (and volunteers) who work so hard to make the Dr French Memorial Home a genuine home-from-home.

I truly thought God had answered my prayers when I was told there was a place available for my Mum (Trudy), and I was right.  The care she received was exemplary.

During her five and a half years with you she loved the food, the people, the activities and watching the birds in the garden – just like being at home.

Thank you also for giving me the peace of mind I had knowing she was safe and very well looked after.

From David & Carol-Ann, October 2007

To all the wonderful people at the Dr French Memorial Home.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for making my mother’s birthday celebration so special.  It was a magical day that won’t soon be forgotten.  You are all very special people!

From Georgia, Maia, Miranda & Shireen

Thank you for the wonderful experience we had working with you all.  We have enjoyed ourselves and will miss everyone!  We hope you have a wonderful Easter.

From Ilona & Stephanie

We would like to say thank you for your hospitality and making us feel welcome during our work experience placements.  You made it that much more worthwhile and an enjoyable experience for us both.

From Kirk

I am writing to thank you for the opportunity of gaining work experience at your establishment. I am grateful for the friendly welcome you and your staff gave me and it was an experience I shall never forget.

From Gina & Rahiel

We would like to thank the staff for providing us a good opportunity where we have gained a lot of experience in your world of work.  Thank you for being so friendly and welcoming us with open arms….and to the residents, you’re as young as you feel!

From Freda

Will you please accept this donation, and my very grateful thanks, for the way you and your wonderful staff cared for my husband Ron, for the last three days he was at the Dr French Care Home.

From Sidney

Sadly my mother spent all too short a period of time with you.

Thank you and your staff for caring for her and welcoming family and friends when we came to visit.

From Valerie & John

To everyone on the staff at Dr French Memorial Home, we would like to extend our grateful thanks for the loving care you gave to Olive over 10 years, and for the way in which the home was kept.

Thank you also for the kind courtesies you always extended when we visited.

From Margaret, Jean & Janet

Jean, Janet and I cannot thank you all enough for all the love, care and attention you gave to Mum. She had 5 very happy years with you, even though she didn’t like taking her pills!

From Philomena, Pat & Pauline

We just wanted to say thank you for all the care and kindness shown to our mother for the last seven months of her life.

From Bridget

Thank you very much for a lovely lunch.  We all enjoyed it.  Much appreciated.

From Amy, Kirsty & Isobel

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to spend time with you!

It been a great experience and we’ve really enjoyed it.

From Liz

To all the managers and staff of Dr French Memorial Home. Thank you very much for your care and your friendship for my Aunt Nancy.

From Doreen & family

Ron has been in your home for just over 6 months now, and we want to tell you how happy he (and we) are with all the care that you give him.

Thank you so much for all your help, understanding and patience you give to Ron and to us.

From Pam, The Garden Suburb Theatre

Thank you so much for lending us the lovely Tombola Drum.  It looked good and performed well.  It was used for a “year long” draw which raised £1000 for our own funds and £1000 for the hospice, so a great success!