Care & Services

Each person is at the heart of Dr French Memorial Home



We cater for each resident’s special needs, likes and dislikes


Safe & secure

Every step is taken to keep each resident safe & secure

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Respect & Dignity

Every resident and their dignity is respected to the utmost

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Active & Happy

There is always something going on that is fun and stimulating

Everything you need to care for and support you family and loved ones

The home is run under the direct supervision of Marilyn Appiah who is responsible to the management committee and has many years’ experience of caring for the elderly.

When a senior person can no longer care for themselves, difficult decisions have to be made. We at Dr French recognise this and feel privileged if you entrust the care of you loved one to us.


Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Training in Jewels in Dementia helps staff to understand the person with dementia as an individual. It teaches the staff how they can enable people to live their lives as they want and as independently as possible. The “Jewels” are the various progressive stages of Dementia; the use of this terminology recognises the intrinsic value of the person at each stage. It places emphasis on what they can do, not what they have lost the ability to do. Read More

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Assisted living

We are able to care and support residents who have with a wide range of physical frailties. A comprehensive assessment is always carried out, for every resident. This is continually reviewed and monitored. An individual care plan is worked out with input from all involved to ensure maximum comfort and well-being, taking account of any special needs or mobility limitations.

Residents’ health, well-being and religious needs

If a resident previously lived in the North Finchley area it is possible for them to remain with their GP. Otherwise we will register you with one of our many visiting GP’s.

The chiropodist visits us at regular intervals and we have friendly dentists and opticians close by.

To support religious needs, all denomination clergy visit and we have a number of local churches within a reasonably short distance.

Weekly hairdressing and manicures are available for the residents.

We are specialists in the care of those with dementia and have embraced Jewels in Dementia.

Respite service

If you are the main carer for a loved one or one of your family members and there is a forthcoming period where you will be unable to provide care, we offer a great respite service so you can take leave with peace of mind.

Temporary residents receive all the usual quality care and attention that our long term residents do – including fresh meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients, excellent facilities and fun activities. Please get in touch with any further questions or to organise a respite period.


Jane and I thank everyone at the Home for looking after Sylvia so well and making her feel at home. It must have been difficult to hear constantly ask where I was and repeating her old phone number over and over again, You were all very patient with Sylvia and I was most impressed by how you handled her, especially the transfer from home to Home. You always kept her looking clean and tidy and a special mention of how nice her hair always looked. We feel very lucky to be able to place Sylvia with you – all thanks to Agnes T….’s recommendation.

Once again, many thanks and best wishes.

Victor G

One of the most comforting aspects of Dr. French for our family was always seeing the same staff at the home. Many have worked there for a great number of years and always welcomed us with warmth. While my mother lived there for the last eight years of her life, she was treated with kindness, dignity and professionalism. Not being close by was always a concern, but Dr. French Home provided peace of mind. The small intimate facility is clean and the food good quality. They provide activities, music, poetry and have special guests to entertain the residents and trips out for those who are able. We will miss their smiling faces but know that Mum's sunset years were in a homely and caring environment where she always appeared to be happy.


My husband has been in the Dr French care home for 10 months. The atmosphere is calm and friendly. Staff are friendly and supportive although stretched at some times. Surroundings are clean and homely and the lovely garden is a bonus. It does not smell! My concerns are taken seriously and my husband is treated with respect. Activities do take place for those able to participate but more one to one stimulation would be welcome. Good food is a strong point. I am pleased to have found this care home.

Lesley K