Jewels in Dementia

What is Jewels in Dementia ?

Training in Jewels in Dementia helps staff to understand the person with dementia as an individual.  It teaches the staff how they can enable people to live their lives as they want and as independently as possible.  The “Jewels” are the various progressive stages of Dementia; the use of this terminology recognises the intrinsic value of the person at each stage.  It places emphasis on what they can do, not what they have lost the ability to do.

Beliefs of a Jeweller:

  • People with dementia are doing the best they can
  • We must learn to DANCE with our care partners
  • We are key to making Life Worth Living
  • What we CHOOSE to do MATTERS
  • We CAN change the world
  • We must be willing to change ourselves
  • We must be willing to STOP and BACK OFF